How will the March of the day event work for the core team?

  • The event will take place on March 21-23, 2025
  • The core team has been centrally recruited and it includes ex-pro footballers, family and friends of Stephen and Marcus, and others impacted by MND
  • This is a 177 mile walk broken down into 44 stages of traditionally around 4-5 miles each..
  • Core Walkers will wear maroon t-shirts from Wembley to the London Stadium and switch to Blue t-shirts for the rest of the event.

How can other walkers get involved?

Much like the first March of the day event, we are keen for as many other walkers to form teams of up to 6 and join us. One small change to this is that we will open the registration for these walkers in the daytime hours. This will allow the support teams more opportunity to rest through the night.

Open walkers can register for a fee of £10 per walker. This will cover the cost of their t-shirts. Open walkers will wear orange t-shirts, a homage to the shirt colour when Marcus Stewart famously scored for Ipswich in the play-off semi-finals.

Click the button at the bottom of the page to register your team.