How will the March of the day event work for the core team?

  • The event will take place on March 22-24, 2024
  • The core team has been centrally recruited and it includes ex-pro footballers, family and friends of Stephen and Marcus, and others impacted by MND
  • This is a 175 mile walk broken down into 45 stages of 4-5 miles each.
  • Every stage will be allocated to a rotating group of 4 walkers.
  • Walkers will be allocated 11 stages each though they can walk more if they want to.
  • Short breaks are taken at each stadium for photo opportunities.
  • The walkers can rest between allocated stages in the support vehicles coordinated by Redwood Events
  • Walkers can take their refreshments in the period while they are not scheduled to be walking. 
  • For the first part of the route, up to Bolton, the walkers will wear blue t-shirts bearing the name of Marcus Stewart.
  • From Bolton onwards, they will change into red t-shirts with Stephen Darby’s name on the back

In addition to the core team, we will encourage football fans and those who want to support the foundation. If you want to join the event and walk alongside our core team, click the button below.