The Trent Mersey Tour takes place over four days and involves a 290 mile continuous walk from the City Ground, Nottingham, to Anfield, calling at 41 other sports stadia along the way. The route has been split into three zones, with a core team of 12 in each zone. These core team members will be made up largely of HSA members with a plan to include four of our regular Nottingham Forest supporting walkers in Team 1. 

Each team will complete a journey of around 80-100 miles. That journey will be sub-divided into shorter 3-5 mile stages. A group of three walkers will be assigned to each of these stages. Steadily throughout the day, the walkers will be rotated and will have the chance of walking and talking with different members of their team. The walkers not allocated to the stage will rest and recuperate in the support minibus. Redwood Events have stage many walks of this type in the past though never this long. The camaraderie created by being part of this team is outstanding. After all, unity is strength!

We are hoping that many more walkers will join the event. We are particularly looking to work with our Forest supporting friends to encourage walkers in Nottingham to come and complete some of the early stages. Similarly, we want to invite as many of the members, and their friends and family to join us for the last stages, maybe from Widnes Vikings or Liverpool CC. We can then all walk into Anfield together.

Indeed we would love to be joined by additional walkers at any point on this long journey.

Check out the route and plans for each day below. Register your group to walk. Core Team members will be recruited directly through HSA.