Motor Neurone Disease isn’t as rare as many people believe. There is a one in three hundred lifetime risk for us all to contract this disease. There is no known cure. The Darby Rimmer MND Foundation was established by former Liverpool and Bradford City footballer Stephen Darby and former RAF serviceman Chris Rimmer with three main aims.

  • To raise awareness of Motor Neurone Disease
  • To support sufferers and their families as they adjust to life after their diagnosis
  • To support research projects to find a cure

Following his diagnosis in 2022, Marcus Stewart immediately set about supporting a number of MND charities, one of which was the Foundation. Fundraising by ‘Team Stewart’ reached spectacular levels very quickly and they have raised well over £100,000 already. Much of their work has been in support of the Darby Rimmer MND Foundation and in March, 2023, Marcus’s wife Louise became the latest Trustee for the Foundation.

‘Stewart’s Sports Tour’ is a team walk around Bristol’s sports stadia in plan on July 20, 2024.