Football Foodbanks are well supported across the north of England. The close season is often a period where food donations are limited. In 2020 this difficulty was heightened by the pandemic. The plan for the Foodbank Footy Tour is different from most charity events in that the aim is to collect food rather than money.

The main of this event is a three day continuous walk around 24 football grounds broken into three separate stages. Representatives from the main football foodbanks along the route (represented in Red), will form three core teams of 12. The plan will be to encourage the public throughout the route to make food donations as we progress. Companies can sponsor a stage and get some publicity for doing so, by committing to make food collections as we pass. 

There is an option for an additional shorter tour in the North East is also a possibility

Route and Timings – Day 1
Route and Timings – Day 2
Route and Timings – Day 3
Route and Timings – Additional North East Leg