The Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance ( HSA) is a newly registered company (Company Registration Number 11833734). We are a non-profit organisation and rely on donations to raise money to offer much needed help to Hillsborough Survivors. Money raised will contribute to the funding for therapies (e.g. counselling, group therapy). We are also working with education providers to provide resources for schools and colleges; and raising awareness of mental health issues.

The Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance mission is to honour the survivors of Hillsborough, and all directly affected to provide mutual support and friendship for all those who continue to suffer from their experiences at Hillsborough in 1989.

Their aims include promoting the social, emotional well being and mental health of all members through communication, shared experiences and access to specialist services such as Hillsborough Transformational Recovery Model © known as HTRM©, not yet available on the NHS, as appropriate. They also seek to educate others in survivors’ experiences and their ongoing impact on mental health and well being. .