Below are the schedules for the virtual journey from Bradford to Liverpool via Bolton. On the left is the 41.7 miles to be walked on Saturday August 29. On the right, the further 23.4 miles to be completed on Sunday August 30.

These schedules represent the route we would take if we were physically walking this route. However for the Darbs Goes Home walker, this is a virtual journey. In family groups or with friends, observing full social distancing guidance, they will identify the stages they want to complete simply by the day and time they would like to join the event. Then they will plan a route local to them that matches the length of the stages they are completing. For example, if a group wanted to do 10 miles and start at 10am on the Saturday morning, they would map their 10 mile route and sign up to complete stages 3 and 4. 

The beauty of this event is that there are stages short enough that anyone can get involved and walkers can challenge themselves to walk more by completing multiple stages. They can do this without travelling too far from their homes.

DAY 1 – AUGUST 29 – Bradford City to Bolton Wanderers
DAY 2 – AUGUST 30 – Bolton Wanderers to Liverpool