Miles for Smiles is a team event and before registering, the lead walker in each team will need to collect some specific information.

1) Lead Walker’s Name

2) Lead Walker’s Email Address – so we can keep the team informed of arrangements

3) Lead Walker’s Mobile Number – this is how we will keep in touch with your team on the day

Then for each walker in the team, including the Lead Walker, we need to know

4) Walker’s Name

5) Walker’s T-Shirt size – S, M, L, XL, or XXL

6) Walker’s Hoodie preference – Mint Green, Royal Blue or No Hoodie

All walkers will pay a registration fee of £10 to join. This also covers the cost of the t-shirt. The t-shirts for walkers are jade coloured with pink and white print. This combination closely mirrors the branding of the two charities. Hoodies are an optional extra and are likely to cost £15. When you have registered your team, the lead walker will receive an email explaining how payment can be made.

Once all this information has been collected, you are ready to register your team.