Joining Home From Hillsborough


Two teams of 12 walkers will be recruited by invitation through the HSA. These will be Hillsborough survivors or their friends and family. They will form teams to cover Sheffield to Bury and the Bury to Liverpool. They will be allocated 5 stages to walk totalling between 20 and 25 miles in total over 24 hours. 

Core walkers will commit to try to raise £250 each for the HSA. They will be provided with an event t-shirt through the main sponsors’ donations.


Anyone can join the walk at points throughout the event. Any fundraising they can manage is a bonus. We ask that they buy an event t-shirt to show support. Hoodies will be available to all walkers and money from hoodies bought will go to the HSA.

In the new year there will be a link to advise walkers how to join.


We will be looking for two companies to back the event with a donation of £500. This money will be used to cover the costs of the event and anything remaining will be added to the fundraising pot. Costs include support vehicle hire, fuels, event banner, core team t-shirts, support vehicle door signs, water for the walkers and first aid materials. 

In return, the sponsors names will be added to the t-shirts of each team and their logos will have pride of place on the event banners that we will stand behind at each ground.