Joining the Darbs Comes Home event couldn’t be simpler. 

1) Check out our Virtual Journey page and select a stage appropriate to the time and day that you want to walk. Then think about how far you want to walk. Five miles, is one stage, ten miles is two. 

2) Contact Redwood Events to tell us how many stages you are planning to walk, how many is in your group and where you will be physically walking in that weekend.

3) Buy one of our event t-shirts by clicking on the t-shirt picture below. These come in seven different colours and are available in all sizes. Crucially every t-shirt sold raises money for the Darby Rimmer MND Foundation

      To buy your t-shirt – follow this link

      To buy your hoodie – follow this link

4) This is obviously a fundraising event so if you want to make a donation or raise funds please click on the Darby Rimmer logo below to find our online donation page.

Our aim is to recruit in excess of 500 walkers to take part in this event all across the world. We have already recruited walkers in Liverpool, Wakefield, Glasgow, London, Edinburgh, Bolton, Portugal, Greece, Leeds, Spain and Halifax. We have a groups taking part in Georgia and Florida, USA and are hoping for walkers in Portugal and Australia.

Come and join the team! Lets #AttackMND together.