Throughout the pandemic, foodbanks have been so important to so many people. The foodbanks at football clubs play a major role in their communities they serve. Yet for a year, there has been little or no supporter traffic meaning their ability to collect food has been hugely limited. We make up for this but we can try to collect donations as we progress which can then be donated to football foodbanks on the route.

There are three known football foodbanks along the way;-

  • Leeds United
  • Manchester City and
  • Everton / Liverpool – Fans Supporting Foodbanks

So how will this work?

Team Bissett and the support team will make their own collections prior to the event and this will be donated at Leeds. We will then make further collections along the way by the support team canvassing small supermarkets along the route. We will also ask the guest walkers to bring donations of non-perishable foods. These will be kept in the support vehicles and donated to the next foodbanks we encounter.

Leeds United Foodbank
Everton and Liverpool Foodbank