On Friday June 19, Stephen Darby appeared on BBC Breakfast in conference with Doddie Weir, Rob Burrow and presenter Sally Nugent. Watching this had a profound impact on one of our walkers. Andy ‘Biss’ Bissett had already signed up to take part in Darbs Goes Home with a plan to join the event with a number of his family on the Sunday morning. So inspired was he that he set himself another challenge. 

Given that it was 72 days until his stage on the walk, Biss set himself the challenge of walking 720km on that time period. He also said that he wanted to raised money for the Foundation and set himself a target of £1000 as part of his challenge. 

We will use this page to track his progress towards his target. He clearly meant business as he had raise £385 in the first three days. Monitor his progress through the chart below.

If you want to donate to Darby Rimmerin support of Biss, please click HERE

LATEST UPDATE – Andy is now half way through his 72 day challenge and is ‘smashing’ it. He has already passed 400km and is well on the way to achieving his target. The best news however is that he has already achieved his target of raising £1000 and is well on the way to raising double that. Great work Biss!